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Welcome, Carefree Hounds

Carefree Hounds by Sheelah Gullion

Vancouver’s Carefree Hounds has received BC SPCA AnimalKind accreditation, and we are thrilled to welcome them to the AnimalKind community of evidence-based humane dog trainers.

Sheelah Gullion, owner and trainer at Carefree Hounds, has extensive experience working as a trainer and provides a kind and supportive environment for puppies and adolescent dogs in Vancouver and parts of Richmond.

Here are a few words from Sheelah:

“I work primarily with puppies and adolescent dogs because it’s the best way to raise a happy and sociable adult dog. I do this by working closely with the pups and their guardians, understanding the lifestyle the puppy is growing up in and providing the proper training and information for the dog and their guardians to succeed.”

Vancouver dog trainer Sheelah Gullion of Carefree Hounds
Photo by Alexis Lea Photography

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