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We are building a community of dog trainers who are passionate about helping dogs and their guardians.

Join AnimalKind and help raise B.C. dog training to a level where science-based, positive reinforcement training is the only option guardians ever consider! By getting accredited, you’re building a stronger community of dog trainers and ensuring dogs everywhere are treated and respected in the way they deserve. Here’s how:

  1. Read the Standards (PDF) to see if the program is a good fit.
  2. Read the AnimalKind Operations Manual (PDF) to understand how the program runs.
  3. Request a quote!

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AnimalKind accredited companies

  • are committed to good welfare practices
  • make a difference in their community
  • are leaders in their industry
  • have the BC SPCA stamp of approval

Join us in promoting science-based higher welfare practices

Get accredited


  • Be recognized as a leader in B.C. dog training
  • Set your company apart with endorsement from the BC SPCA
  • Be part of a community that promotes science-based, positive reinforcement training methods
  • Get referrals from local BC SPCA branches, our provincial call centre and our referral partners

Accreditation Process

The accreditation process has 5 steps.

  1. Apply: Complete the application form and submit the documents needed for the pre-audit.
  2. Pre-audit: AnimalKind reviews the application to determine if your business should proceed to the full audit. Once completed, we contact you to arrange the audit date, and issue an invoice for the audit deposit payment.
  3. Audit: Audits have a business administration part and performance audits of several dog training sessions. Audits review documents, websites, social media and other marketing materials, and include observations of facilities, equipment, and dog training methods.
  4. Decision: An audit report is submitted to you for your response. The AnimalKind Review Panel then evaluates your audit and recommends whether to accredit you.
  5. Accredited: You review and sign the AnimalKind accreditation agreement and pay your membership fee. Congratulations, you are AnimalKind accredited!

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AnimalKind Accreditation

We know it is important for you to make humane training the norm. Together we can make fear and pain-based dog training a thing of the past. JOIN NOW!