Carefree Hounds

Cooperative care (nails, grooming, etc.)
Manners & basic skills
New puppy/dog integration
Private puppy sessions
Private sessions

Carefree Hounds specializes in training puppies and their owners.

Why? Because even though new puppy parents are in for a treat, they’re also in for a few surprises!

Owner and trainer Sheelah is a puppy specialist who has worked in Canada and the US training puppies and their humans for close to a decade. Sheelah is thrilled to be considered the go-to person for new puppy owners. When you start your puppy’s life with Sheelah, you will:

  • Raise a confident and happy dog who can go anywhere and handle anything
  • Find that dog training is a fun, rewarding experience
  • Gain a critical understanding of canine development and behaviour
  • Foster clear communication and a successful relationship with your dog

Area of service: Vancouver and parts of Richmond