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Tips for a Rodent-Free Home: Maintaining Your Property

Prevention is the most humane and effective way to tackle rodent problems because it makes your home less attractive to mice and rats while breaking the cycle of temporary solutions and returning unwelcome guests.

two mice hiding in bushes
Photo by Tina Hurd

After rodent-proofing your home by removing attractants and locating and sealing entry points, it is time for maintenance.

Rodents are not just attracted to food. They also seek shelter and hiding spots, so to be successful, any rodent-proofing plan requires regular monitoring and maintenance of your property to ensure you are keeping rats and mice away from your home permanently.

To discourage unwanted wild rats and mice from moving into your home, take the necessary steps to maintain your property:

Remove debris

Clean up debris around the exterior of your home. Things like piles of leaves, branches, or clutter provide rats and mice with excellent hiding places and shelter.

Maintain landscaping

Thin our planting and keep a clean perimeter around your house so there are no places for rodents to hide and potential access points for rodents.

Regular inspections and monitoring

To stay on top of rodent control, it’s important to conduct regular inspections of your property. Create a schedule to regularly check for new signs of rodent activity and be ready to make repairs promptly. Keep an eye out for droppings, gnaw marks, or signs of nesting.

little mouse in the wild
Photo by Sherri Hardy

Seek professional help

If rodents have already found their way into your home, an AnimalKind-accredited company can help you use the most animal-friendly methods.

If there isn’t an AnimalKind-accredited company near you, use the questions on page two of the rodent-proofing guide and checklist (PDF) to help you choose a company.

Rodent control companies are experts in assessing the situation, implementing effective measures, and providing guidance on long-term prevention.

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