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Rodenticide-free strata, a three-step strategy

Update: Thanks to the incredible advocacy of passionate wildlife lovers, on July 21, 2021, the province banned the sale and use of rodenticides containing the active ingredients brodifacoum, bromadiolone, or difethialone (known as second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides or SGARs). Exemptions are currently allowed for designated essential services and agricultural operators.

Municipalities in B.C. are taking action to ban the use of rodenticides in city-owned property, making it the perfect time for you to make the poison-free case to your strata council and help prevent animal suffering.

Rodenticide-free pest control for stratas

Step one: Get Informed

Learn about poison-free alternatives and assess your strata’s current situation.

  • Are rodenticides used?
    Look for black boxes around your building.
  • What is in the strata’s pest control contract?
    Service frequency, monthly cost, etc.
  • Are there signs of rodent activity?
    Droppings, gnawed wood, wire or insulation.

Step two: Make your case

Convince your strata poison-free is a win!

It’s better for animals:

  • Prevents pets from accidentally eating poison
  • Prevents secondary poisoning of local wildlife who may eat poisoned rodents
  • Prevents unnecessary suffering as poisoned animals can take up to 72 hours to die

It’s better for the environment:

  • Reduces risk of poison reaching streams and green spaces
  • Encourages good management of garbage and recycling to reduce rodent attractants

It’s a long-term solution:

  • Poison-free pest control companies are prevention experts and will solve root causes
  • Prevention includes exclusion so building repairs ensure rodents can’t get inside

Step three: Money talk

Explain how your strata will get more value for money by going poison-free.

  • Using poison costs more long-term: poison service guarantees recurring revenue because the root of the problem is never solved
  • Poison-based rodent control is not a customized service, making it less effective
  • Poison-free services conduct building inspections and identify where repairs are needed so money previously spent on poison goes into needed building maintenance instead
  • Show your strata the costs difference between conventional and rodenticide-free pest control is minimal by comparing the monthly cost for each owner

Rat by grain bag

Choosing a rodenticide-free alternative prevents animal suffering, is better for the environment, and successfully deals with rodent problems.

Start gathering information about rodenticides and learn about humane alternatives for rodent control.

Be the champion that promotes your strata to go rodenticide-free!


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