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Here is how to maintain your dog between grooms

The time between grooms might be challenging for some dog guardians.

Grooming is essential to making your dog feel their best. But maintaining their coat and keeping their nails trimmed between grooms it’s not always easy.

AnimalKind accredited trainer Amy Atkinson, owner and trainer at Northern Noses, has launched a new, fun, self-paced, four-module grooming course to help you and your dog keep things smooth between grooms!

The course gives you six months of access to content, including:

  • How to keep knots and mats at bay
  • How to make bathing easier
  • And Amy’s tips and tricks to make grooming a breeze

Sign up to From Knotted to Knock Out on the Northern Noses website and learn how to make it to your dog’s next appointment without a struggle!

grooming course only by AnimalKind accredited trainer Amy Atkinson
Photo by Amy Atkinson