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Best practices for wildlife and rodent control

Ever wonder what to do if you find unwanted wildlife guests on your property? Or how to deal with pests at home?

You care deeply about animal welfare, but sometimes you get unintentionally involved in conflict situations with urban wildlife where you just don’t know what to do.

The BC SPCA has developed best practices sheets that provide solutions to those common human-animal conflict situations.

Raccoon in the wild looking at camera
Photo by Milva Desiena

First developed for wildlife and rodent operators, these reference sheets are excellent resources for anyone dealing with urban wildlife conflicts and wanting to prevent future problems. They offer helpful information and explain what is legal and illegal in B.C. and which legal methods are recommended by the BC SPCA. You can also find answers to common questions about humane pest control.

Take a look at the list of BC SPCA best practices and share it with your friends!

Living close to urban wildlife increases the risk of human-animal conflicts, so the more people know what to do, the safer animals are in their environment.

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