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Working with vet professionals for the welfare of companion animals

Veterinarians and their teams play an essential role in improving the lives of animals. The BC SPCA recognizes the impact veterinary professionals have on animal welfare and supports their work with programs like the BC Pet Registry and AnimalKind.

On November 4, BC Pet Registry and AnimalKind attended the Society of British Columbia Veterinarians (SBCV) fall conference, which offers an excellent opportunity to connect with the veterinary community.

vet technician with black and white herding dog

BC Pet Registry: Bringing lost pets and guardians together

Hundreds of pets get lost every year in B.C., with many unable to return to their families. By working collaboratively, veterinarians can rely on the BC Pet Registry to help reunite lost pets with their owners. The program offers ISO- and CKC-recognized microchips and a comprehensive database with a one-time fee that provides lifetime access so more pets find their way home.

The role of veterinary professionals is vital in reuniting pets and guardians, not only by offering microchips to their clients but also by registering those pets with existing microchips. The BC SPCA is thankful to the many clinics using the BC Pet Registry database and microchips.

AnimalKind: Connecting pet guardians with science-based training

AnimalKind is the BC SPCA accreditation and referral program for animal-related businesses, including dog trainers. Through collaboration with vet clinics and animal hospitals, AnimalKind gives dog guardians access to information on how to choose a dog trainer and where to find them.

The program offers free rack cards with science-backed information on dog training that vet clinics can share with their clients and has an online directory of dog trainers the BC SPCA recommends.

Did you attend SBCV 2023 fall conference?

To express our gratitude to the veterinary community attending the SBCV conference, the BC SPCA raffled a universal microchip scanner. Congratulations to Van Isle Veterinary Hospital of Courtenay, B.C., for winning the draw!

BC Pet Registry recommends the universal scanner as it accommodates microchips of different frequencies, which ensures no pet with an existing microchip goes undetected.

Thank you, veterinary community!

Thanks to all veterinary professionals whose support and dedication to their communities positively impact the lives of pets and their guardians.

Visit BC Pet Registry to learn about the program, including information on how to order microchips and access their database.

To order free dog training rack cards, see the list of available trainers and learn more about AnimalKind, visit AnimalKind for veterinarians.