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Welcome, Creekside Canine!

Creekside Canine

We are thrilled to share that Cultus Lake’s Creekside Canine is the newest company to receive BC SPCA AnimalKind accreditation.

Erynn Tomlinson, Creekside Canine’s owner and trainer, describes the importance of AnimalKind and says, “Dog Training is unregulated, and unfortunately, this means a lot of poor treatment of dogs being sold as training. I love that AnimalKind does such a thorough job of assessing trainers, providing a clear and simple way for dog owners to shop while ensuring they are going to find someone who will be kind, safe, and effective.”

Erynn has always loved dogs, but it was her experience fostering for the BC SPCA that ignited her passion for helping dogs through training. Erynn says, “I loved working with the dogs whose behaviour issues prevented them from staying in their home or finding new homes.”

It was a dog Erynn was fostering and adopted who truly inspired her. “My first foster fail was one of these dogs, and she became such a fascinating puzzle for me to solve and sparked me to go deep down animal behaviour education.”

Creekside Canine’s AnimalKind accreditation recognizes Erynn’s commitment to evidence-based training methods and dog welfare.

Welcome, Erynn, to the AnimalKind community!

Dog guardians in the Cultus Lake area are lucky to have a dog trainer who prioritizes kindness and effective, humane training methods.

Dog trainer Erynn Tomlinson with dog June

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