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Welcome, Bianca’s Dog Training and Behavioural Consulting!

Bianca's Dog TrainingBianca’s Dog Training and Behavioural Consulting is the newest humane dog training company in the Lower Mainland to be granted AnimalKind accreditation.

We are very excited to welcome Bianca Steinmetz and her team to the AnimalKind community!

Bianca grew up surrounded by German shepherds, but it was her very first dog Luna, a Lab-border collie mix, who ignited Bianca’s interest in dog training. Her dream team was complete when she brought home rescue Miles, a handsome Boston terrier.

Luna and Miles are no longer here, but their teachings of love, understanding and patience inspire Bianca daily. Bianca works to help guardians create a strong bond with their dogs and discover the magic of teamwork.

Read Bianca’s full story, and see her border collie Izzy and Boston terrier Hugo.

Dog trainer Bianca Steinmetz with her dog on a hike taking a selfie

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