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American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) new position statement on humane dog training

We are happy to share AVSAB’s new position statement on humane dog training, which firmly states that only reward-based training methods should be used for dogs to train everyday skills and address unwanted behaviours. The AVSAB position statement cites the BC SPCA’s literature review on humane dog training methods that supported the development of AnimalKind dog training standards.

reward-based training with two dogs

This is great news for dogs and dog guardians. These expert veterinarians recognize the importance of using evidence-based, humane training methods to train dogs effectively and the positive impact reward-based training has on strengthening the human-animal bond.

On aversive training

The position statement also recognizes the damaging effects that aversive training methods have on dogs and the human-animal bond. It states there is no evidence that aversive methods are more effective than reward-based training methods and advises guardians and dog trainers to avoid the use of aversive methods and tools.

dog receiving treat from trainer

The veterinary community confirms that there is no evidence to justify using training methods that cause fear and pain in dogs, like prong or shock collars, shouting, leash jerking, etc., and that this training approach puts dogs at risk of physical or emotional damage.

If you are looking for a qualified dog trainer who uses only reward-based methods to work with you and your dog and is recommended by the BC SPCA, check out the list of AnimalKind accredited companies that offer online and in-person sessions in your area.


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