AnimalKind dog training rack cards with information on humane dog training

A helpful resource for new and experienced dog guardians!

AnimalKind 6×9” dog training rack cards are perfect for clients seeking dog training advice.
Use the cards for:

✔ Adding to puppy packs and welcome packages

✔ Displaying at your clinic

✔ Handing out to your clients

Give your clients information you can trust

The BC SPCA has done the work and offers AnimalKind rack cards with science-backed information on dog training ready for you when needed.

Your clients will learn about how to choose a dog trainer, what to avoid and where to find more information about humane dog training.


Feel confident you are providing high-value information that will help clients protect their dog’s welfare.


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How it works – 3 simple steps

We have done the research and put together the information in easy-to-read rack cards:

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What we do

AnimalKind is the BC SPCA’s accreditation program for companies that provide higher welfare animal-related services.

We audit dog training companies to make sure they use evidence-based training methods and are committed to animal welfare.

Why we do it

Pet guardians trust you!

Veterinarians have an essential role in the decisions pet guardians make about training, and training directly impacts animal welfare.

Join the many vet clinics and animal hospitals in B.C. that are already providing humane training guidance to their clients.