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In 2008 I adopted my beautiful Border Collie cross, Luna. She was the spark I needed to begin down the path. We moved from a small town in Germany to beautiful BC. Once we were settled in Vancouver, we decided to rescue a beautiful Boston Terrier named Miles. He was skittish, untrusting, but something brought the 3 of us together. The spark that Luna had started within me, was soon a full-fledged raging inferno of questions around why dogs do what they do. How do they express feelings like fear, stress, pain? I needed to gain knowledge to start understanding what I witnessed. And so the studying started.

With almost 25 years of customer service experience, 4 spent learning in a Doggy Daycare setting and focusing on training and behaviour since 2013, I can truly say I have found what makes me happy… giving back all the love and joy I am given by dogs every day.

My mission is to help people: LEARN TO “SPEAK” DOG AND develop a type of relationship with their dog they never dreamed possible.

“You can certainly influence when and how your dog expresses his instincts, but you can never completely eliminate them. Those instincts form the basic outline of your dog’s behaviour, like the outline of a picture in a child’s colouring book: experiences, training, health, and individual attributes are the color and texture placed inside that outline to create a one-of-a-kind work of art.”

– Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell, CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA

Area of service: South Surrey and White Rock.