Humane dog training

You want what is best for your dog

That includes finding a knowledgeable and caring trainer.

dog on leash with trainer at park

Dog training is unregulated in B.C., which means anyone can call themselves a dog trainer regardless of their education and experience. How can you know who to trust with your dog?

You can consult the AnimalKind list of dog trainers who have the BC SPCA’s stamp of approval. AnimalKind accredited trainers follow BC SPCA’s evidence-based standards and will help you foster a positive relationship between you and your dog.

Finding the right trainer is an important task and will impact you and your dog for years to come. Choose carefully!

Choosing a dog trainer

Reward-based training methods are more effective and better for your dog.

When looking for a trainer, ask questions, look for credentials in positive-reinforcement training, inquire about their methods and training philosophy.
choosing a dog trainer

Choosing the right trainer is an important task

Rely on AnimalKind to help you choose a humane dog trainer and start enjoying a happier, stronger bond with your dog. We are here to help you make the right choice. Choose an AnimalKind accredited trainer!

Dg training

Learn the science behind reward-based dog training

Reward-based training makes for happier dogs.

Review the evidence that is the foundation for humane Dog Training Methods (PDF) and learn the benefits of reward-based training.

See how the science and standards come together in the AnimalKind Dog Training Science Webinar.