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Welcome to Canine Education.

Our certified and highly educated trainers have diplomas in topics ranging from Psychology to Animal Health to Assistance Dog Education and have worked with and learned from highly respected educators including Suzanne Clothier author of Bones Would Rain from the Sky, Bonnie Bergen, the founder of Canine Companions for Independence, and Kyra Sundance, author of 101 Dog Tricks and founder of Do More With Your Dog.

We know that our dogs are capable of doing and understanding so much more than people think.

Working at the forefront of canine cognitive science, we employ positive, science-based learning to teach our dogs and their owners.

We will help you understand and communicate with your dog while helping your dog understand what it is we want them to do… and why.

Think of us as life coaches… but for your dog!

Area of service: Chilliwack, Hope and Tri-Cities