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Separation anxiety specialist.

We focus exclusively on separation anxiety in dogs. It is all we do.

Separation anxiety training is most successful when performed remotely and online. We can help you resolve your dog’s separation anxiety no matter where you live.

It’s my passion to help dogs and their people enjoy the best possible companionship. I have been a dog trainer for ten years, working with a wide variety of complex behaviour issues. Fear and anxiety can be crippling. It is for humans, just as it is for our canine companions.

Since 2018, I have been working with separation anxiety, and from January 2022, I have chosen to specialize and work exclusively with separation-related behaviours. Helping families resolve this complex and life-altering canine behaviour is my passion. No other canine behaviour impacts the human family or tests the bond with the dog as significantly as separation anxiety.

How we get training results is as important to me as the results themselves. I am a multi-certified dog trainer. In addition to being AnimalKind certified, I hold two certifications in separation anxiety training (CSAT and SAPT), and I am Fear Fear certified. I am an accredited behaviour consultant (PCBC-A) through the Pet Professional Guild, certified through the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP) and an accredited trainer (ADT) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

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Area of service: Sooke, Langford and Victoria.